CADDY-xml converter


The CADDY-xml converter is a conversion software that transforms dossier from the legacy format CADDY V2 into CADDY-xml dossiers.


User interface

The screenshot below shows the user interface of the CADDY-xml converter during operation.

Known limitations

The CADDY-xml converter generates CADDY-xml dossiers using the outdated XSD with version 3.0.0, so the resulting dossiers can be considered to be compliant with the XSD of version 3.0.0. There is no conversion software to convert the dossiers into a current XSD reflecting the latest changes of the CADDY-xml format specification.

Please note that the CADDY converter comes with a bundled CADDY-xml viewer of version 3.0.5. The viewer may be updated with a later version by exchanging the viewer files in the utils subdirectory of the submission package with a later viewer. Please keep the existing XSD file in the utils directory.

For further questions please contact the CADDY helpdesk.