CADDY--xml Viewer


The CADDY-xml viewer visualizes a CADDY-xml submission in a web browser. The viewer is part of the submission package in the subdirectory "utils". Prior to viewer version 03.06.02, the viewer has not been treated as separate asset (it was bundled with the CADDY-xml converter) and hence has not been properly versioned.

Please note that the XSD is not part of the viewer distribution.

User interface

The CADDY-xml viewer is an application that was designed to be launched in a webbrowser, by opening the index.html file in the root of the submission package. Due to enforced security constraints in the past years there have been issues reported with later browser versions.

The eSubmission viewer initially developed for GHSTS can also open the CADDY-xml viewer and overcomes some of those limitations. The screenshot below shows a CADDY dossier


Every version of a CADDY-xml submission contains a viewer. The contents of the zip file has to be extracted:

  • The index.html file has to be put in the root folder of the version next to the caddy.xml file.
  • The other files have to be put into the utils subfolder.
  • The utils folder must also contain the XSD file for the CADDY-xml version (e.g. caddy_03-06-00.xsd) and can have additional files and subfolders (e.g. the toc subfolder).

To start the viewer in the web browser doubleclick the index.html file. Please note that current web browsers impose security restrictions on opening local files that may lead to errors.

For more details about the viewer see the current CADDY-xml specification.