Technical support

ECPA provides technical support directly related to one of the software components maintained by ECPA. While every effort is made to provide timely technical support no guarantees whatsoever are implied that technical support will be provided or that technical support, when provided, will be accurate.

CADDY technical support contact

For further information about the CADDY standard and the CADDY components please contact the caddy_supportatecpa [dot] eu (subject: CADDY%20Support%20Request) (CADDY helpdesk).

This email can also be used for general feedback and questions about this site.

ECPA GHSTS technical support contact

For further information about the GHSTS components maintained by ECPA please contact the ghsts_supportatecpa [dot] eu (subject: GHSTS%20Support%20Request) (ECPA GHSTS helpdesk).

Please note that this support contact is dealing with issues on the components mainteined by ECPA, not with the GHSTS standard as such. Questions regarding the GHSTS project may be addressed to OECD's ehs [dot] contatoecd [dot] org (subject: Pesticide%20programme%3A%20GHSTS) (Organisation of the Environment, Health and Safety Programm).

Electronic Submission Expert Group

The information and software published on this website is developed and maintained by the electronic Submission Expert Group (eSEG) within ECPA.

The members of the eSEG are:

  • Dr. Bodo Stadtbäumer, Bayer (Chair)
  • Geraldine Thevenon-Emeric, Bayer
  • Marc Teiwes, BASF
  • Thomas Kandl, Syngenta
  • Michael Lennartz, Syngenta
  • Gail Schneiders, FMC
  • Michael Schnell, FMC
  • Andrew Whyte, Corteva
  • Georg Schifferdecker, GCont Consulting

Please contact the caddy_supportatecpa [dot] eu (subject: eSubmission%20site%20-%20feedback%20%2F%20question) (CADDY helpdesk) if you have any feedback to the site content or questions to the eSEG team.

European Crop Protection Association

This website is maintained on behalf of European Crop Protection Association (ECPA). For general question about the information on this website please contact

European Crop Protection Association (ECPA), aisbl 
6 Avenue E. Van Nieuwenhuyse
1160 Brussels

ecpaatecpa [dot] eu
Tel: +32 2 663 15 50
Fax: +32 2 663 15 60

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