CADDY-xml viewer module (legacy software)

+++ Change note +++

The CADDY-xml viewer module described on this page is decommissioned since June 2019. This page is kept for reference only.

Please note that an update of the embedded viewer technology is effective since June 2019 to overcome the currently known issues (see below). With CADDY-xml specification 03.08.00 the CADDY-xml embedded viewer is no longer be part of the submission package. It has been replaced with the eSubmission viewer and a CADDY-xml viewer module. This viewer module can display dossiers of the same CADDY-xml versions as the previous embedded viewer, so an upgrade can be made for new and legacy dossiers.

Please download and install the eSubmission viewer to view CADDY-xml dossiers.


The CADDY-xml viewer module visualizes a CADDY-xml submission in the eSubmission viewer. When opening a CADDY-xml dossier with the eSubmission viewer, the correct viewer module will automatically be downloaded and installed from the internet. Please make sure that the eSubmission viewer has a properly configured Internet connection.

User interface

The CADDY-xml viewer module opens within the eSubmission viewer and looks similar to the embedded CADDY-xml viewer used in CADDY-xml specification versions prior to 03.07.00:

Installation and Usage

The CADDY-xml viewer module does not require a separate installation, but is downloaded and installed automatically by the eSubmission viewer, if needed.

For usage please see the "eSubmission Viewer guide in the eSubmission viewer download section.

Download archive (for outdated browser-based embedded CADDY-xml viewer)