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The following table contains the downloads available for the selected criteria. To download an item please click on the link in the last column. The item will eventually be directly displayed in a new tab of the browser windows

No Title Version Description Release Date Size Release Notes Download
CADDY V2 Conformity Test Software User's Guide CADDY V2 Conformity Test Software User's Guide 2002-10-02 225 kB Link
CADDY V2 OECD demo dossier The CADDY 2.0 OECD demo dossier contains a limited number of real reports in the OECD dossier structure (see example reports in section KIIA 5.2). This will allow the user to get familiar with the look and feel of real CADDY dossiers. To limit the file size some reports have been truncated. 2005-09-22 37,2 MB Link
CADDY V2 test dossier This test dossier contains a reduced number of sample pages instead of real content to reduce the file size. 2003-09-03 2,3 MB Link
CADDY V2 format specification 2.0 CADDY V2 format specification 2002-05-24 328 kB Link
CADDY V2 Application Guide 2.2. CADDY V2 Application Guide 2007-05-30 210 kB Link
CADDY V2 Retrieval Software 2.0.6 CADDY V2 Retrieval Software 2007-07-01 15 MB Link
CADDY V2 Conformity Test Software 2.0.26 CADDY V2 Conformity Test Software 2007-09-01 2,8 MB Link