eSubmission viewer


CADDY-xml and GHSTS dossiers can be displayed, searched and navigated using the eSubmission viewer. On a technical level it consists of two components:

  • The core eSubmission viewer is a generic dossier viewer application that provides the basic browsing capabilities for dossiers in multiple submission formats, like GHSTS and CADDY-xml.
  • An appropriate viewer module will be used when opening the respective format. In case it is not already locally installed it will automatically be downloaded and installed from a software repository.

Both the eSubmission viewer and the GHSTS viewer module are not part of the GHSTS submission package.

Download and installation

The eSubmission viewer is provided as setup file that installs the software on Windows. You may require local administration rights for installation. Please consult the eSubmission viewer guide for details, which is available on the download page.

Please note that security warnings may occur from Windows, as the setup was not digitally signed with a code signing certificate and Windows may not trust the installation due to the rather small amount of downloads and installations. If you have questions please contact your local IT support.

User interface

The following pictures shows a part of the user interface of the eSubmission viewer for a GHSTS dossier..

The first screenshot shows a GHSTS sample dossier in the ToC mode perspective (hierarchical dossier display) with the PDF document content displayed on the right side.

The second screenshots shows the same selected document in the listview perspective with its attribute mask on the right side.

Overview of functions

The eSubmission viewer provides the following set of functions:

  • Display of dossier structure in ToC mode perspective or listview perspective
  • Embedded PDF browser with search text capabilities
  • Display of complete lifecycle information for each document
  • Searching and filtering in the GHSTS metadata with various criteria
  • Content export functionality
  • Generation of overview documents in CSV and HTML format
  • Display of product / substance information and sender/recipient information
  • History (back / Foward button)
  • Tabbed display of multiple dossiers simultaneously
  • Customizable start pages and help pages
  • Automatic self-updates

GHSTS viewer module

The GHSTS viewer module supports the use of hyperlinks within PDF document, e.g. from a reference list to the referenced documents. This functionality is not defined in the GHSTS format specification, but is a specific viewer functionality.

For more information please contact the ECPA GHSTS technical support.

eSubmission viewer modifications

The core eSubmission viewer and viewer modules can be extended for companies and authorities in various ways, e.g.

  • Integration with document and dossier management systems
  • Annotation and reviewing functionality
  • Customized look and feel
  • Support of new format

The costs shall be borne by the contractor.

For more information please contact the ECPA GHSTS technical support.

License agreement

By downloading the eSubmission viewer and the GHSTS viewer modules you accept the License agreement.