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The Global Harmonised Submission Transport Standard (GHSTS) is a new eSubmission standard that can be used for crop protection as well as for other regulations. The first version of the GHSTS format specification was released in May 2014.

OECD maintained core components

The GHSTS ecosystem consists of a number of components. The following components are developed and maintained by the the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) with active participation by ECPA:

  • GHSTS format specification
  • GHSTS schema definition (XSD)
  • GHSTS picklist XSD
  • Table of Contents XSD


The current versions of the above GHSTS components can be found on the OECD website on Questions regarding the GHSTS project may be addressed to OECD's ehs [dot] contatoecd [dot] org (subject: Pesticide%20programme%3A%20GHSTS) (Organisation of the Environment, Health and Safety Programm).

ECPA contributions

ECPA maintains an eSubmission viewer with a GHSTS viewer module which can be used for viewing a GHSTS submission package in a user-friendly way. In addition, an eSubmission builder is available to create GHSTS and CADDY-xml dossiers.
The eSubmission viewer, the GHSTS viewer module, the eSubmission builder and a GHSTS Sample Dossier are made freely available by the European Crop Protection Association to support the GHSTS. They are not OECD products and licensed by ECPA under the terms described in the EULA.

You can find further information about those components on the respective pages.

GHSTS version support

The current ECPA contributions support GHSTS in version 1. The extension to version 2 is possible with little effort and may be considered by industry, if there is request from authorities to do so, however version 1 is currently sufficient for pesticide submission purposes and the version 2 is mainly a generalization to other regulated domain.

GHSTS logo

ECPA designed and uses the logo above for its GHSTS components. There is no official OECD logo for the GHSTS standard itself.