Malfunction of eSubmission Viewer and Validator due to migration to HTTPS

August 2nd, 2019:

ECPA has changed their default web protocol from HTTP to HTTPS on their websites in the past days. This has the following effect on the ECPA eSubmission software:

  • The eSubmission Viewer will report an error during startup that the software configuration cannot be read.
    • A code change is required to enable HTTPS for the Viewer configuration, a manual change of the URL of the software configuration via Help / Settings is not sufficient. Until then, this error has unfortunately to be accepted.
  • The eSubmission Validator will also report an error during startup (see status code 302):
    • Here the URL of the software configuration can manually be changed and then the eSubmission Validator will work as before
  • The (outdated) CADDY Conformity Check (CxCC) fails with the update from the website. This error will not be corrected, as the software is obsolete.

Next steps:

  • As we plan to released new signed versions anyhow, we will update the default URL settings and the eSubmission viewer code alongside with those new releases. The new releases are planned for end of August / beginning of September

We apologize for any inconvenience!

Please distribute this information within your companies as needed.